Nicola, a mother of two and a Co-Active coach, works with women from all walks of life whether career women; business owners; entrepreneurs; stay at home mums; pregnant women, and even women who are only just contemplating starting a family and anxious about what it might mean for them.

Before moving into coaching Nicola had a successful 15-year career in media and communications, which she maintained through the pregnancies, (brief break for births!), and infancy of both of her children. Despite the 'success' it wasn't enough. Nicola understands the stresses and strains that come from attempting to refind your way in the world as a mother, having lived it herself.

Nicola’s coaching method encourages the capturing and exploration of every element of what makes you, you, taking into account career, relationships, emotional and physical health, and importantly your role as a mother, helping you discover the new you on the other side of motherhood.


"Self identity is such a massive issue for mothers and it's something I am so strongly motivated to address. Becoming a mother should not mean losing sight of who you are and what you want to be in the world. My coaching methods are all about capturing women's values both before and after they become mothers, and working with those values, which can often seem at odds with each other, to create a stronger, brighter authentic self."