I am Nic, I am Nicola


I’m Nic, senior PR person. I’ve been doing this gig for over 15 years and I am pretty good at it. In fact, I would say I am very good at it. I ‘get’ clients, I ‘get’ technology (in fact I am a bit of a geek). I can run campaigns of all shapes and sizes, work with big teams, small teams, no teams. I produce good results, I will get you in front of good contacts across all media and most of it will result in nice coverage that’s accurate and on message. I’m organised, efficient, trustworthy and will get the job done.

I am Nicola. A CTI trained life coach working with mothers to be, new mothers and mothers who are feeling off kilter, to help them shine brighter, before, during and after motherhood. I love my work and that shows in the passion and focus with which I approach my coaching. Every woman is different but many share the same shared frustration – a loss of self. I am proud that the work I do empowers strong women to step into themselves, helping them not only feel true joy and contentment but also become the role models we need for the next generation, our daughters and our sons – women who are unapologetic, authentic, motivated and living their true selves.                                                      

Nic is the girl I became to move from the country down to London and into a fast-tracked, successful and well paid career. Nic became financially independent (the first woman in her family to be so). She bought her own flat (the first woman in her family to do so).  She travelled the world. And it was Nic who met my now partner, the father of my children. When my eldest child was born and Nicola quietly stepped in, temporarily took the driving seat and calmly, honouring her values, quit the ‘successful’ career, it was Nic who picked up the pieces and grew a freelance career. That freelancer career co-supported her family. Nic soldiered on after my youngest child was born, getting back on the horse again, starting from scratch again and bringing in money again. She is resilient, she is resourceful, she is scrappy, she is more than a little kick-ass.

Nicola is the mother, nurturer and fertiliser of two beautiful girls who are her world. She is grounded and steady and present and still. Nicola takes care of herself because through doing so she is strong enough to take care of others. She makes time for herself because she knows that the magic happens in the space. She nourishes herself, she moves her body. Nicola is soft and so strong. She is calm and wise. Nicola creates a life that works for her on every level. It allows her to live her values and honour them in everything from work to play. Nicola is content and joyful and deeply connected to the people around her. Nicola has found her alignment and in doing so has been able to take action that moves her effortlessly towards where she wants to be in the world.

Nicola and Nic are both me. And for a long time I felt like I was stuck between these two places, that a choice had to be made to be one or the other. It is where many women find themselves. It is where even more mothers find themselves. ‘Stuck’ between a former self (perhaps a pre-motherhood self) and a person they are, or are starting to become, later in their lives.

But through my coaching training, which is such a massive self-development exercise in itself, I’ve had the most incredibly aha moment, which is that Nic and Nicola both serve me, they both bring something powerful to the table. I find peace in Nicola’s stillness, the way she is grounded, the person she allows me to be when I am coaching a client. But Nic’s resourcefulness, her energy, her can-do attitude, I need some of that. Nic is the girl I need running my finances, planning my family holidays. Nic gets shit done.

So while Nicola is now the woman firmly in the driving seat of my life and I am so thankful she has taken on that role, I am truly grateful to have Nic in the passenger seat as my faithful, kick-ass, co-pilot.

If you can relate to anything or all of what I’ve talked about above, and would like to talk about how coaching could help you, please get in touch to arrange a sample session.