The Power Of Purpose - reflections on Pregnant Then Screwed Live


I’ve written this post twice already and now, good enough is what is needed.  You’re invited to read my summary of the amazing Pregnant Then Screwed event, list style, inspired by Clemmie Telford

  • Pregnant Then Screwed is an amazing movement, founded by Joeli Brearley, who you can find here - if you don’t know about it, and it chimes with you, I urge you to go and take a look. Binge read. You’ll learn lots and be fired up.

  • Pregnant Then Screwed Live was the movement’s very first event and it was ace. Inspiring talks, panels, interviews, workshops and advice. Lots of great people. The place was buzzing with all the goodness.

  • I had the honour of being the coach there and throughout Saturday was fully booked, coaching 11 women. It was fulfilling in a way that my job before never ever was. I loved every single minute.

  • People said I would be tired and drained and I wasn’t. Not one bit. My heart was full. I was living my purpose and that is recharging, not draining.

  • Because that’s what we all need - purpose. A live without purpose will drain you. No applause, pats on the back, pay rises, superficial crap or, dare I say it, flexible working can or will replace purpose. Sooner or later, you will be spent.

  • And I speak from experience. Celebrity events, big budgets, promotions, money, freebies and good jobs, working with people and at places that others envied. It did not fulfil me and it took me almost two decades to realise I was dancing to someone else’s beat.

  • Saturday was about inspiration and most importantly for me, it was about connection. Small talk did not exist. Not in my coaching room, and not in the bigger event. People weren’t talking school runs and the weather, they were talking about what lights them up, their wants, their desires. People I coached shared deeply, cried, got angry, made statements that were so so true that they produced laughter, smiles and more tears. It was magical.

  • Because that is what purpose is. It is magical. It is electric. It recharges you more powerfully than any duracel battery. Those women we see at events like this, or on Instagram, killing it - they have it. They have purpose. It is the fire behind their eyes and the secret to their drive. You want some of what they have, don’t copy, find your purpose, and own it.

  • And here I am now. Sat at my table in my little house with its little garden, watching my dog sunbath and feeling so grateful. Grateful for the women I get the pleasure of meeting, and coaching. Grateful for the women who came together to share their raw truth. And grateful for the life I’m creating (and believe me it’s a work in progress).

  • If you’re inspired and want to give coaching a try, riding high on the love of the weekend, I am not only offering my normal free chemistry session, but anyone who mentions Pregnant Then Screwed when booking a longer coaching package, will get 25% off. While spaces remain. I’d bloody love to hear from you.

  • A special thank you to Natasha Bailie and Tatterhood, who I ate breakfast with on Saturday and who checked on me so often throughout the day. Thanks for being my people for that short while - it meant a great deal to me.