Go Grow: What change will you commit to this IWD?


I am a coach, and more specifically a coach for women, mothers. And as I sit here on International Women's Day, I feel a pressure. A pressure to say the right thing. To provide the right words of wisdom. The egoic part of me says I should be running some kind of promotion (not me at all) or to be creating the most instagram-able picture or post that will help my business (and that isn't me either). So instead of that, I tuned into myself, and ask the question: what should I be sharing today?

And the word that came to me loud and clear was growth. Growth, it will be of little surprise to many of you, is one of my most dearly held values. My life is unhappiest when I am not growing and conversely I feel most alive, most in tune with myself when I am growing, when I am investing in my growth, through time, money or effort.

Several years ago on International Women's Day, I made the first tiny step towards a massive change in my life and I love the fact that IWD is now the day when I can celebrate the anniversary of that thing. For me as a woman that is a wonderful way to mark this day.

Throughout my own personal development journey it occurs to be that many people don't see growth as an option. It's not that they have considered it and decided no, that's not for me - they actually don't even know it's an option. It is. And I'd go so far as to say if you aren't growing you aren't living. Not everyone can afford a coach, I might hear you say. Yes, that is absolutely true (to some extent - see my other post on money). But if you're going to use that as an excuse not to grow, I call bullshit.

Personal growth does not need to be expensive, it just need to be intentional. You need to want it. And if you want it, you can achieve it.

So this International Women's Day my post is an invitation - and a very simple one.

I make up that if you are reading this post on my page, there are things you want to work on, things you have wanted for a while but haven't committed to. It can be anything you want it to be: your fitness levels, a pull towards trying meditation, a stack "to be read" books, a course you've wanted to try, or a career change you are longing to make. Choose one thing. One single thing. The only stipulation is that it must be something that allows you to grow and something that you can work on day by day. Write it on a post it or a large piece of paper and put it somewhere where you can't miss it. And type is below. And then do something, to move you towards it, every single day. I've talked before about you can achieve a lot in a few minutes a day. And it is so so true. I have an audio book on the go constantly and I swear I listen to it in three minute snippets but I get through it and quicker than you might imagine.

Choose your things for 2019, commit to doing it, commit to your own growth and a year from now on IWD 2020, I promise you that when you look back, this day will mean so much more.

Now write below "Today on International Women's Day I commit to: XXX"

And I will hold you accountable.

Go grow.

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