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“Content where I am, eager for more”

I stumbled across this Abraham Hicks quote at the weekend and it hit me in the heart. I love words and I’ve been playing around with various ways to precisely describe WHY I set up my business. And this is it. Concise and beautiful. 

“Content where I am, eager for more” - Abraham Hicks

We can be content where we are, while also being eager for more.

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Work/life balance?

The term work/life balance. Over-used, over-simplified and over-promised. I guess the term is supposed to ensure that we spend time (1) looking after our jobs and (2) looking after our lives, making sure the two are nicely balanced. But in my experience its simply a term pandered around and used less as a positive and more as a way to berate ourselves for the lack of said balance in our lives.

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