Bumps of Inspiration: Issue #1

Each fortnight I am going to summarise four things I recommend or am thinking about - a book, a podcast, a blog, and then something random.

Book: Much is talked about Brené Brown's more well known books, Daring GreatlyRising Strong and the more recent Braving the Wilderness, but there is a book that pre-dated and informs much of the content of all these books, called The Gifts of Imperfection. It was published back in 2010. If you ever have even the tiniest worries about not being enough, this books helps lead you towards living a fuller life where you embrace being yourself. It's beautifully written and composed and so easy to digest. It sits on my bedside table (with a few carefully selected others) and is one I reach to at least once a week. 

Podcast: This week I have been revisiting Jess Lively's podcast - The Lively Show. I have been following Jess through her blogs and podcast for many many years but in the last year found it tricky to keep up with her podcasts, which got a little deeper in content - I didn't have the time to fully concentrate on them and therefore it wasn't going in. Over the last month I have dived back in and I am really enjoying them again. She is very into the Law of Attraction, speaks a lot about the power of intuition and when she has guests on the show is a very insightful interviewer. 

Blogs: I binge read blogs rather than visiting them regularly and this week I have been enjoying Erin Loechner's Design for Mankind. She wrote a book I also love called Chasing Slow and reading her posts makes me do just that - slow right down, breathe and appreciate. She writes beautifully and really inspires me. 

Random: This week I am truly, and quite honestly, inspired by my dog. She has been spayed this week and, wow, we all need to 'be more dog' when considering how to take care of ourselves when we aren't well. She has slept since Monday, getting up, slowly and gently, only to pee, poop, sniff crumbs at dinnertime (somethings will never change), eat her own food and say hello, with a 50% of normal service tail-wag, when people come home. Otherwise it has been sleep, sleep, sleep. We all need to be more Nala. Picture included because, well, just look at her. 


That's all for this week. I would love to know if you read/listen/research any of these things more. If you do, get in touch and share your thoughts. 

Take good care
Nicola x

P.S. Any feedback on issue #1 would be very much appreciated. X