Bumps of Inspiration: Issue #2

Each fortnight I summarise four things that I recommend or have been thinking about - a book, a podcast or app, a blog and then something random. 

Book: People who have worked with me will know this is a favourite of mine. Present Over Perfect is by Shauna Niequist and the blurb says: 'leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living'. I think this book is incredible. I can best describe it as a series of essays, and honestly, she writes so beautifully. Brené Brown writes the foreword and I think these words from fellow author, Glennon Melton say it all: "I cried tears of relief while inhaling Present Over Perfect. I cried because I'd completely forgotten that I don't have to earn worthiness, hustle for love, or fight to belong. Shauna's words - equal parts elegant and urgent - invited me to remember my worthiness, belonging and beloved-ness are birthrights. I can't think of a more important, more desperately needed invitation". A small caveat the author of this book is very religious. My spiritual beliefs don't wholly align with Shauna's but I trusted and didn't let this put me off, and you shouldn't either. There is too much goodness in it to pass this one over. 

App: This week's recommendation is an app called Happy Not Perfect, which has been created by former TV presenter Poppy Jamie (I admit I hadn't heard of her). The app is beautiful! It invites you to 'refresh' by choosing a word that best describes your mood and from that point takes you on, from what I have seen so far, an eight step process. As well as the refresh tool is also has a meditation section and a nice feature that allows you to send positive vibes to people. It's free to download and I think you need to pay if you want some of the features, but so far I am just using and enjoying the free version. I'd recommend taking a look. 


Blogs: I am not sure if you can really call it a blog, as it seems to much more, but I am loving Natasha Bailie's Mental Mutha. Natasha is one of the most authentic people you could even wish to stumble across on the internet. She is not only purposefully sharing the powerful stories of mothers and their mental health, but she shares her own story too, in a way that is so raw and so real that she regular makes me cry, hold my breath or applaud her - she is also so so so so funny. Show her some love please by heading to her Instagram or having a read of the website - I warn you, you'll need a cuppa, some tissues and a few hours to spare. 

Random: I am not sorry to share once again a link to Together Rising and The Compassion Collective the group fundraising efforts of some incredibly inspiring women (and a man) - Brené Brown (that's three mentions in two issues!), Marie ForleoRob BellElizabeth GilbertCheryl StrayedLaverne CoxValarie Kaur and the main woman Glennon Doyle (who I am loving this week for her passion and purpose and is the founder of Together Rising). Trump sat in his office two days ago and as he called it 'reversed' the bill that was separating families at the US border. This is a victory and one that the people made happen. But there is no reversing out of the trauma and severe damage already done to these children, who are likely to continue to be separated from their families for sometime, with some suggesting that reconciliation may never happen. Please if you haven't already give some money to a fundraising effort like Together Rising. Every little bit does count. 

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