Bumps of inspiration: Issue #3

Each fortnight I share a book, a podcast or app, a blog, and then something random, that I think you should take a look at. 

A book: This week I am recommending an author, Dr Shefali Tsabary. Her books, for me, have been life changing but I do warn you they also overwhelmed me AND that doesn't mean you shouldn't read them. Dr Shefali writes about parenthood and the family in a way that I haven't heard anything else do so. We all know that being a parent is a gift but these books make that so much bigger, offering the fact that our children are here to teach us such powerful lessons about ourselves. Read them and share your thoughts with me please as I am yet to properly talk about these with people, and I am desperate to. A great TED talk from her here if you'd like an intro before you start reading: 

A podcast: "At the end of the day, you get to do whatever the fuck you want" I am getting specific here and going for an episode of a podcast that I regularly relisten to - Tim Ferriss and Amanda Palmer. I used to be a committed Tim Ferriss listener and I must admit I don't listen as much anymore but this episode, I just love. I initially thought I wouldn't identify with Amanda Palmer but wow, she talks so much sense I think everyone could get something out of listening to it. Listening to his also introduced me to her book, The Art of Asking, which I also love and this AMAZING spoken piece she did for BBC Radio. In fact, I would maybe start at the end with the BBC piece as it is so wonderful. 

A blog: This week I am going with Mother of All Lists from Clemmie Telford. I learn so much from this blog, about things I know very little about, and appreciate Clemmie and her contributors for sharing in the way that they do. It also regularly reminds me of things very close to home, which is both welcoming and often cathartic. I love the list format, which makes it really easy to read, and I like to think encourages more people to share without feeling the overwhelm of writing it 'properly'. This post in particular I found incredibly powerful (trigger warning - it's about domestic abuse). 

Random: My random musing this week is about wishes that don't come true and what can learned from them. If something you really wanted, or thought you wanted, doesn't happen, grab a large piece of paper and write down all the things you wanted to feel or experience as a result of that thing. And then work out how you can have those things anyway. Because you can. I won't say too much more as when I have processed this particular issue, I want to say much much more. But in short, your wishes can come true, they might just happen in another way completely, and perhaps that will be even more magical. 

Happy days
Nicola x