Bumps of Inspiration: Issue #5

Hello to each and every one of you - thank you for continuing to read or choosing to sign up - I really do appreciate you!

It’s autumn! Whatever your thoughts about the wonderful seasons we enjoy here in the UK, September is definitely divisive. I love nothing more than boots, jumpers and jeans, long skirts and tights but I know others are mourning the end of flip-flop and floaty skirt season. Be kind to yourself during this change, whether you embrace or resist it.

A book: Ice Cream for Breakfast by Laura-Jane Williams is my pick for this month. What I love about this book is the permission Laura gives to all of us to play - and we really really don’t do enough playing. I also love that Laura highlights something which I bang on about ALL the time - two things can be true. You can be a grown up, with a house and a mortgage and a proper job and still want to play; eat ice cream for breakfast or build a blanket fort. Being an adult does not equal boring. Finally I enjoy how light this book is - and I admit I do have a tendency to recommend things that are a little heavy. It’s a pick up and put down book that’s just so nice to have around. 

An app: I used Blinkist a few years ago when it first came out but either missed or it's a newer addition, that they now do audio versions of their “Blink” books. Blinkist takes popular books and condenses them to bite (or blink) sized summaries so that you can get an understanding for the basic premise of an entire book in a fraction of the time. I will say, it is is no way a replacement for reading the real thing and I’d encourage you to use it, as I do: to decide if something will be for me. If nothing else if might stop your bookshelf filling up with things that you quickly discovered weren’t for you. 

A blog: I’ve not been reading as many blogs this month so instead I would love to share a link to this article from The New York Times by Diksha Basu, which I adored reading and has led to many discussions among peers and friends. For me, it also compounded why I do exactly what I do - coaching for mothers, because we need it. 

“It is a different category — one that can’t compare to your life before you had the child because no point of reference is the same after you’ve had the child.”

Something else: I mention it briefly above, the concept that two things can be true and rather than try and explain it myself, I invite you to first look at this from Brené Brown, which is a summary of a chapter from Braving the Wilderness, which will give a lot more context. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 10.30.44.png

This theory, if you want to call it that, has come up in my life so many times over the last decade that I can’t ignore how important it is. What this has given me permission to do is not feel I have to take sides. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fence sitter, anyone will tell you I have opinions(!) but I don’t have to put myself under pressure to take a side if I feel that I see both sides, and simply can't. So I share that with you, to give you that permission too, when you’re feeling like something is kicking off - at home, on Facebook, Instagram or at work, to listen - maybe even leaning into both sides of an argument and take your time before you get stuck in, or don’t, because you don’t have to. Two opinions can be true; we can do two seemingly conflicting things at the same time; two stories can be true (because they’re all about perception) and your opinion can change as much as you want it to, or not form at all. Be easy on yourself. 

Group coaching: I’ve had a sick bug in my house over the last fortnight so I am not ready to share the Unstuck group coaching programme details quite yet - what I can share is that I am really excited about it and the early bird prices will be very good indeed. More to come next time!

Do get in touch with any questions or comments - I would love to hear what you think.

Take good care,

Nicola x