Bumps of inspiration: Issue #4

I must start of with an apology for not setting expectations terribly well. The summer took a different turn than I expected and I naturally found myself leaning towards family time, maximising time with my girls, the youngest of whom started school this week - and all non-crucial work took a backseat. It was a wonderful summer and one I hope to repeat again next year - more on this to come. Had I planned this, I would have let you know that the newsletter was taking a brief hiatus but it happened so organically that I just went with it - so apologises for its absence. Any questions on any of the above, I'd be really happy to answer. 

As a brief reminder, each fortnight (and it will be every fortnight moving forward) I share a book, a podcast or app, a blog, and then something else, that I think you might like to take a look at. I very occasionally include details about my coaching offerings but I do promise to keep this to a minimum. 

A book: An unusual suggestion this time but I am recommending picking up a book you’ve already read, perhaps over a year ago, and re-reading it with the eyes and headspace you’re occupying right now. I picked up Love Warrior by my girl-crush Glennon Doyle again in the last week of the summer, and wow, I read it so differently. I think this can happen with fiction too, but perhaps not so commonly. With non-fiction I really find the lens you read something through has a huge impact on what you receive from it, and really soak in from it, and I was blown away by the new learnings I got from Love Warrior this time around. 

An app: It’s called Bear Focus Time (of BFT) and I am using it right now. It’s a fun Pomodoro timer that encourages you to work in 25 minute increments and plays white noise to help aid your concentration. You turn your phone face down to activate it and the timer stops each time you turn your phone over, with the bear on screen giving you a little scowl. It’s a fun app ad I find it is really encouraging me to stop the habit of picking up. 

A blog: Make Motherhood Diverse. No other words needed than read this amazing blog and importantly, the mission statement of these women and prepare to have your eyes opened and feel inspired. This work is so so important and if you think it’s irrelevant to you then read it twice ;)  - we all have work to do in this space. 

Something else: The tragic death of Rachael Bland hit me profoundly this week. I felt I could really relate to her and it was a stark reminder of how precious this life is. I can sadly find myself a little numb to death, having lost several close relatives, including my father at a relatively young age. I am always hesitant to share this, worrying that it will make people incorrectly assume a coldness in me, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It's just I have adjusted, I am changed by it, which is the impact of grief. And so I am always surprised, and a little - for want of a better word - appreciative, when a death actually affects me, enables me to feel - to tap into my own grief and use all that comes with both those things to reflect on what I could be doing differently. What I saw in Rachael, in the image she chose to share, and from what I understand was authentically her, was an openness, a rawness, a vibrancy and love for life that extended right up to her death. So this week I am feeling grateful, grateful I am here and reminded of one of my favourite ways of reframing almost everything. Simply replace I ‘have' to, with I 'GET' to. Today you get to do the school run; you get to pack their lunches; you get to commute to work and you get to feel tired; you even get to pick up the dog’s poo. You don’t have to do any of these things, you’ve blessed to be able to. And check your boobs, every single week. 

Group coaching: Next month will see the launch of my group coaching programme - a three month programme (with a Christmas break) that will allow you to work with a group of other mother’s to become unstuck together. I am going to send out pricing and a brief breakdown of the programme with next month’s newsletter but if you want to express your interest early, then please do so now. Two spots of the eight are, very gratefully, already taken! 

Do get in touch with any questions or comments about any of the content shared above. 

Take good care,
Nicola x

Image from: Coppafeel