Motherhood Group Coaching - 12 week programme

Are you a stuck mama?

Do you know that something has to change but you can't quite put your finger on what? 

Are there a long list of things that you think you should be doing to get yourself 'back on track' but you can't work out where to start?

Do you start to make changes, with the best intentions, but then find the best laid plans quickly being neglected in favour of all the other things you need to achieve that day?

You are not alone. And the answer is here.

I believe that it takes a village, and then some, to raise our children and this is something that rarely happens in today's society. It's why I've created 'Unstuck'. Unstuck is mixture of group and one to one coaching that brings women together to navigate the tricky journey that is motherhood. This programme provides support, accountability and a sharing of  all the highs and lows of motherhood - and together you'll see amazing results.

Through connection I believe we can be stronger mothers, stronger women.


beginners course

This course is about building a strong foundation for you as a mother - and while it is perfect for new mothers it's also so relevant for any mother that feels they need more stability in their life: a strong foundation on which to build a life they love.

Perhaps you are a new mum who is struggling to find time to shower, eat anything other than a biscuit, or get out the house, let alone achieve that exercise/meditation/glass of wine that you so desire.

Maybe you've been a mum for a few months now, or even a few years, yet what YOU need constantly gets thrown out the window because of other responsibilities. 

Maybe you've got yourself almost sorted, you're feeling like you're bossing the mum thing, but really can't work out why you still feel a bit lost.

I believe all women need a solid foundation before they can start to grow.

And this is especially true of women with children or dependents. 

Without a solid foundation, it can be very easily to find ourselves broken, even crumbling - and if we're on the floor we just aren't able to give.

By looking at topics including nourishment, healing, space, intimacy and play, we'll discuss, share and create our own versions of what we need as individual mothers to be our strongest, most well-looked after selves, enabling us to give so much more to our children, our families and to create a life that allows us more.

the programme

I became a mother six years ago and built this programme for myself. It gives me a simple way to regularly check-in to see if I am looking after myself in the best way that I can. I am excited to be able to share this with more women, in a group setting, which I believe can be a magical place to experience growth.

The 12-week programme, which will be carried out virtually, will take you through what I  believe are the 10 'foundation blocks' that every mother, actually every woman, needs to build, grow and thrive. The 12 weeks will consist of a mixture of group and one to one coaching calls.



If you're willing to commit to this twelve week programme, put in the work between the calls and give your whole self to the process, I can promise that the impact on your life will be keenly felt. I hope you'll allow yourself this gift.

If you're curious please get in touch by emailing me for more information, or pick up the phone and we can have a brief chat to see if it feels right for you.

Next course begins in January. Please contact me to find out next start date. Calls will take place online, once per week, from 8pm, for 60-90 mins.