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 I help women work out what success is for them after becoming mothers: redefine, redesign and recreate


One-to-one coaching

Coaching for women whose definition of success has been torn apart by motherhood. Through a deeply intuitive and rigorous process we work together to help you reconnect to yourself, work out what matters to you most and what success looks like now - because only you can define it for you.


Writing and Inspiration

I love to read, I love to write and I love to share all the things I am learning on my own personal development journey. On my blog and on my inspire page, you can find articles, links to books and blogs that I recommend and many different resources that can help you kick-start you towards wherever it is you are ready to go.


The Coach

Hi there, I’m Nicola

My purpose didn’t arrive like a lightening bolt. My story is not one of rock bottoms or overnight enlightenment. It was more like a whisper. A whisper that couldn’t and wouldn’t be ignored. A whisper with tenacity, which over time colluded with the universe to deliver message after message about where I was supposed to be spending my time. We all have this voice inside of us. My job, as your coach, is to help you rediscover yours, listen to it, and most importantly be brave enough to act on what it has to say to you. It takes courage, vulnerability and commitment but if you’re ready, so am I.


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Start Your Journey

Take a step back

When did you last feel like your most joyful self? Perhaps you felt strong and powerful, or present and connected, maybe full of vitality and light. I’d like to share with you an exclusive audio recording of a visualisation I use with my clients to help them remember that part of themselves. Take 15 minutes for you today and begin your journey back to you.