Working with Nicola has been great, affording me the time to focus on me and my career after I have my baby. Nicola has helped me find the answers I probably already knew myself as well as throwing up new suggestions I hadn't thought of. Nicola has given me the confidence to believe I can do it and the motivation to go out and make the changes I want to make happen!

Natalie T. - Worked with Beyond the Bump while pregnant

Just had the most amazing session with Mamas if you're feeling lost then I really recommend you get in touch with her. I'd never considered life coaching before but it's so ace and I'm only just getting started.

Charlotte N. - Mother to young children

Working with Nicola made me realise that my priorities were just all wrong. With one simple suggestion – how would it feel to just take a break, turn off the computer and spend more time with your little boy before he starts school – a whole new world suddenly opened up to me. Now it seems so obvious, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this whole new way of being, but it took a coach with Nicola’s 6th sense about what we frazzled mums need to make this seem like it was actually possible. She gave me permission to slow down, not put myself under such constant and exhausting pressure, and realign with my values.

Nicola is so passionate about helping women be the best that they can be as we juggle motherhood with careers, businesses, creative ambitions that long to be fulfilled and the pressure to simply stay afloat in this crazy world we live in. I am so incredibly grateful for her compassion, insight, razor sharp perception and encouragement.

Work with her – it might just be the best thing you ever do!

Jude S. - Mother to young child