The pull towards motherhood can seem like a tug of war with a self that feels tied to something else: a career; an enjoyable single life; creative passions. The Other Side works with women who are at this stage in their life and need help and support in moving towards and through motherhood, assured that they can do so while staying true to the values, passions and dreams that are so important to them. 

Encouraging openness and intuition to lead the way, this programme helps you to take a deep look at the things that are important to you, capturing them in a way that keeps them safe during the changes ahead, and working with you again on The Other Side to create a life that works for you as a new mother.          


Women who are about to take the wonderful leap into motherhood can sometimes feel selfish when they find themselves fearing the unknown. That could be fears around how they'll cope as a mother; how their life with their partner will change; their work life; how they'll adapt their  to a life with a baby or even how they can couple this amazing life change with other changes they'd like to realise.

The Other Side works with women, either privately or through their employer, to work through any fears and move towards a calmer sense of self during these changing times. Our programme can begin at any stage of pregnancy and address any fears you may be facing or changes you know you're keen to make. 


MORE than a mother

Women emerging from the bubble of early motherhood, can find the road ahead overwhelming. Months spent almost solely serving the needs of their beautiful new baby, barely even feeling like a separate being, mean taking those first tentative steps into the world as an individual can be incredibly hard - whether that’s returning to work, pursuing other interests or simply deciding what kind of mother they want to be.

The Other Side works with women at this crucial stage, helping them to realise that they can, and are allowed to, be more than a mother. This programme helps women revisit their life before motherhood, discovering their curiosities and bringing them to The Other Side to create a life they love.  

TIME for change

Months, years, even decades into motherhood, women can realise they're lost. They could be a little off path, walking in the wrong direction, or on the wrong road completely. Responsibility for children and the all-consuming nature of parenthood, mean that women often find themselves paying little attention to themselves, and what they want.

The Other Side was born out of exactly this situation. Years spent raising and nurturing my children and doing right by them in so many different ways, meant I neglected to do right by myself and eventually, finally, realised I (and indeed we all) needed a change. This programme has been created to help women like me, the ones who are lost but can, and will, find themselves.

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