Kind Words

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Given me my spark back

Rachel Q

‘I first started working with Nicola when I was in a really grey place, mentally and emotionally. I had realised I hated my job and career in law and didn’t want to continue the long commute and the feeling that my working week was completely out of my control. Nicola helped me to identify that I wanted and needed more colour, more passion, and more flexibility in my working week. I had no idea what to do though.

I took a leap of faith when I started with Nicola - I’d never used a coach before and I had no idea how she would allow me to work out what I wanted to do. And I still don’t really know how she did it! Part way into the course I basically had a revelation at 4am that I wanted to teach hypnobirthing and the energy that came to me was amazing. I ran with that revelation and it has completely changed me, given me my spark back. My husband says he has never seen me so inspired and passionate about something. I’ve read more books in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years.

Nicola has a very special way of knowing what you are saying and wanting when even you don’t know! She just gets to the point and articulates it. I’m so grateful to her - I don’t know how I would still be managing if I hadn’t had her help. She also gets you to take action and makes you push forward towards your dream. My hypnobirthing courses are now up and running and I have 3 months left in my law job before I make the leap for good. I can’t wait - life is exciting again!’

‘From the moment I spoke to Nicola on our 'chemistry call', I knew I wanted to work with her - in fact, it was only when I spoke to a couple of other potentials (at her recommendation I do so) that I realised just how much that chemistry is either there or it isn't; and luckily for me, it so, so was.

Of course, as important as that is, I was looking (consciously or otherwise) for someone who was going to challenge me and help me shake myself out of the torpor I found myself in, and I certainly found working with Nicola to be rigorous. Always knowing just how to hit the jugular with the right question at the right time, there was nowhere to hide, and I decided early on that if I was going to see the results I wanted that I would have to surrender to that vulnerability.

Doing so was scary at times, moving, surprising, and ultimately enormously fulfilling, and, importantly, I always felt 100% safe and unjudged under Nicola's guidance. In fact I'd say that it helped me realise the weight I'd placed on being judged, and not only how that was holding me back, but also that so many of us are having incredibly similar experiences.

I can't thank Nicola enough for helping me draw out what really matters to me and identify a way to get there, using her seemingly mystical powers to cut through the white noise that was so clouding me before our work together.’


The right thing at the right time

Katie H

Essential support and career advice

Cat E

‘Thank you Nicola for your time and expertise. You've helped me tap into a new future and way of thinking in just a few hours. You were flexible with your approach based on my answers and called me out when I wasn't digging deep enough. I have made a pivotal career move and choice and am already feeling the benefits as a person, for my family and for my career. I'm so pleased.’

Working with Nicola helped me within one session! I'd been through a tough time with fertility treatment which had huge knock on effects to my mental health, and work life - coming out of maternity leave, my brain was foggy, judgement was cloudy and overall I was pretty miserable. However, after even the first session, I felt like I could see through it all - and now virtually everything I actually wanted is now in my life! It seems crazy to look back at it now, but working with Nicola really changed my life. :)

Changed my life

Louisa H


Happy and rewarded

Kaeli b

Nicola’s coaching helped me remember who I was and what I was worth in the world of work. After many, rewarding years of being ‘mum’, finding the confidence to step back out into the world of work was difficult. I felt hugely unqualified, out of practice and simply not good enough. Nicola helped me regain my self-belief and clarify in my own mind what I wanted to do now my children were that bit more independent and I had more time to focus on me. I am now in a role I love with a clear career path ahead of me. My gorgeous girls are incredibly happy and I believe seeing their mum happy and rewarded through work, confident and capable is vitally important and the best example I could set.

Working with Nicola made me realise that my priorities were just all wrong. With one simple suggestion – how would it feel to just take a break, turn off the computer and spend more time with your little boy before he starts school – a whole new world suddenly opened up to me. Now it seems so obvious, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this whole new way of being, but it took a coach with Nicola’s 6th sense about what we frazzled mums need to make this seem like it was actually possible. She gave me permission to slow down, not put myself under such constant and exhausting pressure, and realign with my values.

Nicola is so passionate about helping women be the best that they can be as we juggle motherhood with careers, businesses, creative ambitions that long to be fulfilled and the pressure to simply stay afloat in this crazy world we live in. I am so incredibly grateful for her compassion, insight, razor sharp perception and encouragement.

Work with her – it might just be the best thing you ever do!


Compassion, insight, razor sharp perception

Jude S

I can smash my goals


Nicola has helped me through a really tricky and fragile emotional transition. She convinced me of my self-compassion, my strength and my ability to bounce and grow. Nicola makes me feel normal and sane. She is so reliable and punctual that it is comforting. She believes in me and made me feel special. Special enough to believe that I can smash my goals and become the person I have been afraid to become. Nicola is the best!