one to one Coaching

The most powerful gift you can give to yourself, for now and for life

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What’s it all about?

It’s about change. A change from the circumstances that aren’t providing the fulfilment you deeply crave.

Change requires commitment. A commitment to be bolder and braver and to go all in - it isn’t hard work, it is deep work.

Commit to the coaching relationship. You are not alone. That’s so important to not just know, but to also lean right into - you have support, just for you, free from any judgement.

The relationship creates the answers. It is ok to not know. You don’t have to know anything other than what it is you want to change.

The answers, the learning, inform the action. We understand then grow. Then grow and understand.

You will grow. You will feel fulfilled in ways you possibly haven’t imagined yet and content in ways you may have forgotten. You’ll be dreaming and doing, and creating, from a place of purpose.

On purpose. A new version of success, a discovered purpose, created by you, for you.

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What will I get?

Well, what is it that you need?

One-to-one coaching, is not a programme, it is not a course, it is not for the many, it is for you - it meets you exactly where you are.

I will meet you exactly where you are and we go from there.


What I see women achieve

Women I work with achieve great things. I am not a business coach, I am a personal coach first and foremost, so while I share many testimonials, I do not go into the details regarding what people personally achieve.

What I will share is that my incredible clients have done some amazing things: created new businesses from scratch; returned to studying; ended relationships that are not serving them; started freelance careers after years of corporate life, and the reverse of this too; gained promotions; changed careers; decided to grow their families. And sometimes the impact is less challenging, it can be the craving of a feeling, such as feeling sure or invigorated or excited.

All with more clarity, more purpose and a life that is now far more fulfilling than the full life they were living.

Be ready for change, the change you seek

What is that you want?

Only you can answer this. And for this reason I don’t even pretend to imagine, at this point, what it that you, specifically are craving. (Although I would sincerely love to find out.)

What I will say, without any hesitation, or doubt, is that despite what you may currently believe, you can absolutely have whatever feeling, career, hope or dream that you desire.

That is, as long as you are willing to go all in to get there - to commit, to do the work, to take parts of yourself on, to be willing to step into new perspectives and try new things.

Whatever is it that you want, you can have. And I can help you get there.

You are allowed to want more, in fact I insist upon it


What do I do?